Resurrection Update

I am advised on Twitter that the Lamb and Flag is a symbol of the Resurrection. Thank you to the respondents.

In true Olde English style, the ancient Christian symbols of Christ’s resurrection have taken root in the culture: 

File:Lamb and Flag sign (cropped).jpg

The Lamb and Flag is also the emblem of the Middle Temple in London. The land on which the Inns of Court were built were confiscated by the Crown from the Knights Templar after the dissolution of the order by Philip IV of France, and administered by the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem.  This might account for the theory that the Lamb and Flag symbolism was brought back from the Crusades by the Templars.


And here, set into a wall in Wales, is a plaque said to have come from the Hospice of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem at Ysbyty Ifan:

The town of Axbridge in Somerset had the Lamb and Flag as its coat of arms and minted coins with the image; the symbol is also engraved on each of the two town maces, dating from 1623.  The symbols also appear on the arms of the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment and on the arms of the London Borough of Lambeth.

And finally. The Lamb and Flag are the symbol for Preston North End Football Club. What a glorious country.

(Image rights for pub sign here. Middle Temple image rights here.  Stone plaque rights here.)

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