A Small Rosary Miracle


Old Woman with a Rosary  - Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne


During a short and miserable stay in hospital over the last few days, I shared a side bay with three other ladies. None of us shared any information about ourselves. One of these ladies was very elderly and quite ill. One night she complained that she had left her rosary at home and she said she prayed the rosary every night.

I remembered that in my bag I had, in addition to my own rosary, one which an older gentlemen had pressed upon me during the one and only prolife vigil I have ever attended. So I gave it to her and she was able to pray the rosary silently to herself. When I explained that the gentleman had told me that the rosary was from Medugorje, the very poorly young Polish lady in another bed sprang out of bed and came over to have a look. Then, in came a nurse from West Africa to admire it.

Two thoughts from this: the universal nature of the Catholic Church. And the strange and fortuitous chain of events that sometimes lead to a group of sick and isolated ladies sharing something wonderful.

I do hope that lady prayed for me.


Madonna of the Rosary - Lorenzo Lotto

Lorenzo Lotto


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