Meryemana Evi – The House of Mary

I am reminded of this shrine by a post on another site, Catholicism Pure and Simple, about The Most Holy Name of Mary.  Meryemana is also known as Panaya Kapulu – The Gateway to the Virgin.… I think that Panaya is analogous to Panaghia, the All-Holy, the Orthodox name for Our Lady.

Whilst not officially recognised by the Roman Catholic Church as Mary’s last dwelling-place, the restored house, near Ephesus in South-Western Turkey, is a recognised place of pilgrimage for Catholics and is venerated by Muslims, for whom Our Lady is a sacred person. It has been visited by several Popes, the last visit taking place in 2006 by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. 

Reportedly seen in visions by Blessed Catherine-Anne Emmerich, the ‘blessed little sister’, the ruins of the site were discovered in by Abbé Julien Gouyet in 1881.

Here is a nice video. In Portuguese. Here is one in English.

Interior image rights here. Exterior image rights here.

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