Great Ladies’ Headgear Throughout History

A five-minute walk up the High Street reveals a variety of ladies’ headgear and styles of dress – sometimes within the same family.  I am staying out of the latest discussion about what ladies should wear, and where, and when, and why. Instead, I took a short tour of history and came up with this short selection of truly wonderful headwear:

The hennin:

File:Hans Holbein Temple Detail.jpg

The gable hood:

The tantour ( worn by a  Druze lady fromLebanon)


The Welsh hat


The fontange


The bonnet:

The poke bonnet:

First Holy Communion veil:

File:Prima comunione modificato-1.jpg

The wedding veil:

The mantilla:

The cornette:

File:Armand Gautier Nuns.gif

And, of course:


And…the halo (this image is of Saint Lucy):

File:Francesco del Cossa - Saint Lucy.jpg

And finally….

Mantilla image rights here. Fontange rights here.

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