And if you tolerate this, then your children will be next

I have no idea why I have got this song on the brain. Something to do with a conversation with someone about the unfairness and the future legacy of austerity, I think. It seems to me that every side claims this song, even though it is ‘ours’. It was produced in 1998, which it makes officially old – but ever-new.  I suppose that the lyrics are so non-specific that they can lend themselves to any argument: these words are for ‘us’ and against ‘them’. Isn’t that exactly what is wrong with our culture, our country? We have an endless debate about causes and consequences and about ends and means. Much of it is self-promotion, justification, self-defence.  

I am, these days, suspicious of anthems, even when they come under the guise of rebel songs or worship music. 


Still, a great song.

The worst is to beg - Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya – The Worst Is To Beg

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