Pauline Boty

Pauline Boty was a feminist ‘icon’, born in 1938 and raised as a Roman Catholic. A Pop Art painter and actress in the Swinging Sixties who attracted attention because of her talent, her looks and her ‘free-wheeling lifestyle’. She was called the ‘Wimbledon Bardot’ during her studies at Wimbledon School of Art. Having had several lovers, she married a literary agent in 1963 and became pregnant in 1965.  A routine examination indicated that Pauline had cancer. She refused both an abortion and chemotherapy and gave birth to a daughter in 1966. She died in 1968. Requiescat in pacem.

UPDATE: There is more here at The Catechesis of Caroline.

There are no images available to use on this blogpost but please go to this site for more information and here for some of her artworks.

Tiger Lilies - John Henry Twachtman

Tiger Lilies,  John Henry Twachtman

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