Delightful Is The Land Beyond All Dreams

“…of the three hundred years that he had spent with Niam in the Land of Youth he rarely spoke, for they seemed to him but as a vision or a dream of the night, set between a sunny and a rainy day.”

My contribution to honeygate.

Oisin in the Land of Youth (at the end of which Oisin, the great poet and hero, after three hundred years in Tir na nÓg, is converted by Saint Patrick shortly before his death)

“Delightful is the land beyond all dreams,
Fairer than aught thine eyes have ever seen.
There all the year the fruit is on the tree,
And all the year the bloom is on the flower.

“There with wild honey drip the forest trees;
The stores of wine and mead shall never fail.
Nor pain nor sickness knows the dweller there,
Death and decay come near him never more.

“The feast shall cloy not, nor the chase shall tire,
Nor music cease for ever through the hall;
The gold and jewels of the Land of Youth
Outshine all splendours ever dreamed by man.

“Thou shalt have horses of the fairy breed,
Thou shalt have hounds that can outrun the wind;
A hundred chiefs shall follow thee in war,
A hundred maidens sing thee to thy sleep.

“A crown of sovranty thy brow shall wear,
And by thy side a magic blade shall hang.
Thou shalt be lord of all the Land of Youth,
And lord of Niam of the Head of Gold.”

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6 Responses to Delightful Is The Land Beyond All Dreams

  1. Ursula says:

    Where was that photo taken? What a glorious place!



  2. Ursula says:

    Found it! Would you believe it’s called the Poison Glen? They reckon its a mistranslation as the Irish words for heaven and poison are only one letter different. So it should be the Glen of Heaven. Much more appropriate. One day I will go to Donegal and visit it. Thank you,


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