Donkey Riding

Donkeys - George Morland

George Morland

I hear that the world’s best donkey blog  is reporting a poorly donkey. So, this is for the Donkey Hote Donkey Hotel… Donkey Riding – another traditional folksong, with British and Irish roots…The version below is slightly cleaner than others I have found. It was a song sung in Liverpool and in Canadian ports to help with stowing the cargo – usually timber. A ‘donkey-engine’ was a steam-powered engine which revolutionised logging in the Canadian forests and the work of loading heavy cargo.

Donkey Riding


Way hey and away we go
Donkey riding, donkey riding
Way hey and away we go
Ridin’ on a donkey.

Was you ever in Quebec
Launchin’ timber on the deck?
Where ya break yer bleedin’ neck
Ridin’ on a donkey!


Was you ever ’round Cape Horn
Where the weather’s never warm?
Wished to God you’d never been born
Ridin’ on a donkey.


Was you ever in Miramichi
Where ye tie up to a tree,
An’ the girls sit on yer knee?
Ridin’ on a donkey


Was you ever in Fortune Bay
See the girls all shout, “Hooray!”?
“Here comes dad with ten weeks pay
Riding on a donkey.”


Was you ever in London-town
See the King he does come down?
See the King in his golden crown
Riding on a donkey


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2 Responses to Donkey Riding

  1. Frere Rabit says:

    Very kind Miss Meadowsweet. It has been a hard day.


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