Sunshine Award

The rapscallion Bruvver Eccles has kindly nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  I must now tell you ten things about me. Oh no!

1. I am a cradle Catholic, and am truly bad at it….

2. I come from the standard large family….

3. I was vaguely pro-choice for a long time and am now pro-life. I support organisations like the Good Counsel Network, which aims to give women and men support in crisis pregnancies.

4. I am very bad at talking about myself….

5. I like art (a lot). This includes a lot of modern art but I am more of the ‘I know what I like’ variety. Yes, a lot of it is terrible….

6. I have never done online dating but am sure this is what it feels like to fill in a thing on a website.

7. None of my dreams came true (yet). Perhaps because they were dreams and not reality.

8. I was once tracked overland across Europe by a jilted admirer. Tracked, not stalked.

9. I was once stalked by a jilted admirer. For years. That’s why I support people who have good reason to be online under a pseudonym.

10. I have zero idea who most celebrities are. Having spent a few years doing celeb-wrangling, that’s kind of a relief…

I now have to nominate ten other blogs for people to read. Such blogs should nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

Well. This is a conundrum as I am going to nominate some blogs already nominated by others – but I will bring in some new ones. There are, sadly too many good blogs out there to fit into a short list.

Obviously, Eccles and Bosco is Saved is a must-read for spiritual nourishment.

Abbey Roads – Mr Terry Nelson’s blog about art and Catholicism and LGBT matters from a Catholic perspective.

The Catechesis of Caroline. A Catholic wife, mother, writer and broadcaster.

Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage. Donkeys, Spain, walks and Estrella Galicia.  

Idle Speculations – a beautiful blog about religious art.

Father Ray Blake’s Blog – a lovely blog by a parish priest in Brighton.

Protect the Pope – a very sensible look at issues affecting faith in the Catholic Church.

That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill – Laurence England’s blog from Brighton.

Catholicism Pure and Simple – a ‘group’ blog encompassing faith, liturgy and other Catholic issues.

Ragazzagallese –  a young, pro-life, Catholic woman.

UPDATE: I am sneaking in an eleventh: The Association of Catholic Women Bloggers….. 

Enjoy! And thank you again to Eccles for the nomination.

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4 Responses to Sunshine

  1. liliandruve says:



  2. kathleen says:

    Thank you very much Mrs. Meadowsweet – that’s really kind of you.

    Kathleen (from Catholicism Pure & Simple)


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