Starry Starry Night

We will be familiar with Van Gogh’s erratic life and his love-stories, his struggles with faith and febrility, his self-harm, his suicide and his glowing, glorious paintings. Here is a different set of works, small sketches and studies of the ordinary, of the working people and the domestic, including his prostitute mistress, Sien:

Near the Hearth - Vincent van Gogh

An Old Man Warming Himself By the Hearth

Orphans - Vincent van Gogh


Prayer Before the Meal - Vincent van Gogh

Prayer Before the Meal

Sien Nursing Baby, Half-Figure - Vincent van Gogh

Sien Nursing Baby

Girl Sitting, Knitting - Vincent van Gogh

Girl Sitting Knitting

Digger - Vincent van Gogh


Woman with a Broom - Vincent van Gogh

Woman With a Broom

Fisherman with Sou'wester, Pipe and Coal-pan - Vincent van Gogh

Fisherman with a Souwester, Pipe and Coal-pan

Girl Kneeling in Front of a Cradle - Vincent van Gogh

Girl Kneeling in front of a Cradle

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