Return of the Meadowsweet



Here you are….by a unknown 16th century master: The Virgin in the Garden




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3 Responses to Return of the Meadowsweet

  1. Dilly says:

    Can you explain the allegory in full? I love the flowery halo, by the way. I used to doodle that sort of motif in boring lessons in school.


    • Thank you, Dilly. The Virgin was often portrayed in a walled garden as a sign of her purity. The image also echoes the words from the Song of Solomon: “A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed up”.


      • I’ve also looked into the symbolism of the carnations, as it looks like these are the flowers that Our Lady is holding. One source says that: “The pink or red carnations represent love and life for Mary. The red carnations are also associated with the crucifixion of Our Lord – “love unto death”, which Mary witnessed first hand with St. John the Apostle by her side. The carnation is also associated with the Incarnation of Christ.”


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