Thanks to a comment from a reader, I looked again at flowers associated with Our Lady, and those recommended to be planted in a modern version of ‘Our Lady’s Garden’.  The periwinkle (Vinca), is linked to Our Lady because of its deep blue colour and for the fact that its star-shaped flowers recall Stella Maris, Star of the Sea, one of Our Lady’s titles. Here is an illustration from Flora Batava, the botanical record of all plants in the Netherlands, founded in 1800 and last published in 1934.






Flora Batava was founded by Jan Kops, an Anabaptist pastor, agronomist and botanist. Thanks to someone’s dedication, this whole work is available online here.

Now, somewhere in one’s psyche, one might have a fearful image of a 19th century Anabaptist preacher.  Well, here is his portrait:


That’s clover that he’s holding, if I’m not mistaken. Ah, yes, so it is. A symbol of many things, including the Trinity….


File:Trifolium pratense — Flora Batava — Volume v5.jpg

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