This Insidious Bill

_73484077_0240ea9c-27e2-4025-8d77-c4156404855aIn response to Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying bill which receives its Second Reading in the House of Lords on Friday 18 July, Laurence England has written a superbly argued and moving post “Protecting the Vulnerable”:

Until his dying day, Lord Falconer will be campaigning for assisted suicide. Until my dying day, I will be doing what I can to campaign against it.

We all know very well that the Church’s position is firmly set against turning doctors sworn into their profession to be life-savers into state-sanctioned killers. We all understand that the morality of suicide at the hands of the State is a terrible idea that will inevitably lead to the untimely deaths of countless men, women and children, yet still a naive appeal to “compassion” cuts mustard with the UK population when this issue arises. What is hard for us to fathom is just how many people are…

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