And Another Thing…. Saint Tamar


Queen Tamar and King George III, fresco at the Church of the Dormition, Vardzia 

“By the will of God, King of Kings and Queen of Queens of the Abkhazians,Kartvelians, Arranians,Kakhetians, and Armenians; Shirvanshah and Shahanshah; Autocrat of all the East and the West, Glory of the World and Faith; Champion of the Messiah.”

Queen of Georgia at the age of eighteen, Tamar was a divorcee, war-leader, ruthlessly expansionist ruler, protectress of Georgian sites in the Holy Land, defender of the faith, builder of churches and monasteries, ascetic and protector of the poor and the weak. She saw off opposotion from Goergian nobles She presided over the Golden Age of Georgian culture and was praised for her support for Georgian churches and monasteries places from North Africa to the Balkans.

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