Old Camel Knees

Apropos of nothing much.

 “The fact is that camels are far more intelligent than dolphins. They are so much brighter that they soon realised that the most prudent thing any intelligent animal can do, if it would prefer its descendants not to spend a lot of time on a slab with electrodes clamped to their brains or sticking mines on the bottom of ships or being patronized rigid by zoologists, is to make bloody certain humans don’t find out about it. So they long ago plumped for a lifestyle that, in return for a certain amount of porterage and being prodded with sticks, allowed them adequate food and grooming and the chance to spit in a human’s eye and get away with it.”
Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

L0008821 Camel transport of the wounded.

 Camels transporting the wounded

Camels Passing the Wall, Charles W. Bartlett

The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymous Bosch

Persian Gunner, Auguste Wahlen

The Apostle James was called Old Camel Knees because he spent so much time in prayer.

“A camel in distress isn’t a shy creature. It doesn’t hang around in bars, nursing a solitary drink. It doesn’t phone up old friends and sob at them. It doesn’t mope, or write long soulful poems about Life and how dreadful it is when seen from a bedsitter. It doesn’t know what angst is.”
Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

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