The Feast of Saint John the Baptist


The Preaching of St. John the Baptist by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Hello to youse all as we find ourselves in a strange brave(ish) new world, sans PM, sans Leader of Opposition, sans everything, it seems including an (ahem) ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation which doesn’t seem to like very much the ‘settled will of the British people’, to steal a line from the late and much-missed John Smith (one could play a very good game of counterfactuals here but one might also then cry.)

My one original theme for today’s post was that Jeremy Corbyn is the John the Baptist of the Labour Party ( even down to the green robe/green jacket fashion thing). Then I found I’d been beaten to it about, oooh, a year ago. Darnit.



A lifelong Europhile and internationalist (me) is confused.  But then, there’s nothing like a dose of reality and democracy ( people seem, oddly enough, to be objecting to this, however) to confuse one. Reality is so much less comfortable than certainty, isn’t it?

All right – one counterfactual. Would Smith have put forward the dodgy dossier? No idea but I’d like to think not.

We will see what this new turn of events might bring. Just let’s remember what happens to those who are ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’. Stay away from houris. Really.


CaravaggioSalomeLondonSalome with the Head of John the Baptist, Caravaggio


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