Anglia Dos Mariae


Since today is the ‘real’ Feast of the Assumption, here is a photograph of the procession of the Assumption of the Virgin from Villafranca de la Sierra, Castilla y Leon, Spain.  Oh, if only…

Since Our Lady is the patroness of our fair land, a.k.a. the  ‘Dowry of Mary’, Catholics pray the conversion of England. I wonder if that’s still legal….



An Old Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary (16th Century)

Haill queen of hevin and steren of blis;

Sen that thi sone thi fader is,

How suld he ony thing the warn,

And thou his mothir and he thi barn?

Haill!fresche fontane that springis new,

The rute and crope of all vertu,

Thou polist gem without offence,

Thou bair the lambe of innocence

Hail Queen of heaven and star of bliss

Since that your Son your Father is,

How should he anything you deny,

You his mother, and he your child?

Hail fresh Fountain that springs anew,

The root and crown of all virtue,

You who are a polished faultless jewel,

You who bore the Lamb of innocence.

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