The Feast (or not) of Saint Osyth


The feast of Saint Osyth is celebrated tomorrow (7 October). Saint Osyth or Osgyth and possibly also Saint Sithe (see below)  was an Essex girl (by marriage), a reluctant spouse, abbess, martyr and cephalophore. She was invoked by women, it appears, for the guardianship of their keys – an important matter in the days when housewives kept valuable comestibles and household stuff under lock and key. However, there’s an alternative theory that the ‘real’ protectress of the keys was in fact the Italian Saint Zita, whose name was transformed into Saint Sithe.

Furthermore, Wiki claims that it is not clear whether Saint Osyth has been canonised or not. As an obedient Catholic, if it’s good enough for the Diocese of Brentwood, it’s good enough for me. What is definite is that, after her death, she was seen carrying her head about under her arm. That bit has got to be true.


St Osyth sign by Terryjoyce. Rights here.

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