Saint Teresa of Avila




Josefa de Óbidos – The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

This painting is by the 17th century Portuguese artist Josefa de Óbidos.  Wiki says of her:

‘Josefa de Óbidos  ca. 1630 – 22 July 1684) was a Spanish-born Portuguese painter. Her birth name was Josefa de Ayala Figueira, but she signed her work as “Josefa em Óbidos” or, “Josefa de Ayalla”. All of her work was executed in Portugal, her father’s native country, where she lived from the age of four. Approximately 150 works of art have been attributed to Josefa de Óbidos, making her one of the most prolific Baroque artists in Portugal.In his 1696 treatise on painting, Félix da Costa Meesen counted Josefa among the most important Portuguese artists, writing that she was “acclaimed far and wide, especially in the neighboring countries”. ‘

Here is her Nativity – it is beautiful.


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