Everything That Rises Must Converge


Sunset on July 26, 1870- Frederic Edwin Church

Sunset on July 26, 1870- Frederic Edwin Church


This is not an original post- there’s not an original thought in it, I’m afraid.

In ‘Revelation’, a short story by Flannery O’Connor, the proud and upright Mrs Ruby Turpin sees herself as above Black people and ‘white trash’.  Called a ‘warthog’ by a disturbed young girl, Mrs Turpin asks God what is wrong that she, of all people,should be so insulted.  Like Job, she questions God.

Looking into the sunset sky, Mrs Turpin has a vision of redeemed souls – the halt, the lame, the disreputable, the outcasts, ‘battalions of freaks and lunatics’, are all in a great procession leading to Heaven.  Mrs Turpin (whom O’Connor called a ‘country female Jacob’ because ‘you got to be a very big woman to shout at the Lord across a hogpen’) sees herself and her husband right at the back behind those she considers less worthy, less deserving; she also sees ‘by their shocked and altered faces that even their virtues were being burned away’.

Quite so.



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