The Late Late Saint Patrick’s Day Post


Banríon na hÉireann – Queen of Ireland, St Joseph’s Church, Clifden



No, I haven’t been drunk all weekend….

I wish.

I wanted to write something about how miserable the photographs of today’s London Saint Patrick’s Day Festival have made me.  Women are claiming a victory for the fact that pro-choice campaigners have been allowed to march in the parade for the first time. Big hooray and bully for them, I say.  I am disappointed. On a day which is supposed to celebrate Irish culture,the contribution Irish people have made to the city and the great progress made since the Good Friday Agreement (also known as the Belfast Agreement, I agree), it’s saddening and maddening to celebrate the murder of Irish children.  God knows that for centuries the people were all that the Irish had.

[Insert paragraph about how I support choice and women’s rights etc etc etc]

I also think that it was a very stupid decision – “Why don’t we pick”, the planners must have thought, “the second most divisive issue in Irish society  [you’ll know what the first one is] and parade it all over our parade?”  Talk about spoiling the sunshine.


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